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F E A T U R E   A N D   A M E N I T I E S

Take a look at our features and amenities:
  • Air conditioned

  • Some wider seats available in the upper tiered seating area

  • Hearing assist section south side lower level

  • Wheelchair accessible from inside Civic Centre

  • Elevator to theatre via east side (clock tower) of Civic Centre

  • Washrooms located on upper and lower floors

  • Ramped entrance to Civic Centre from 10th Avenue

  • Free municipal parking south, east, north and west sides of Civic Centre/Theatre

  • Building located in the centre of Hanover


Hearing Loop System  
  • A magnetic coil loop system has been installed in the theatre

  • Located in the block of 40 seats to the right of the stage

  • Allows patrons who experience hearing loss to “tune in” with their hearing aids

  • Signal is detected by telecoil or telephone switch circuitry  in hearing aids and cochlear implants

  • Consult with your hearing aid specialist to learn how to activate the telecoil in your hearing aid

  • A  clearer, more intelligible sound is heard and background noise is greatly reduced


Specialized Headphones
  • Four sets of specialized headphones are also available in the theatre

  • Inquire at the box office when you arrive at the theatre to obtain a set

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