This is just a quick update on The Grey Bruce Singers. As with everyone else, during this period of uncertainty, we continue to be positive and follow the protocols to ensure we, our families and our communities stay safe. Some of us have taken on new projects; some of us are completing projects that we have  been putting off for awhile; some are back to work, and others are working from home. As you are probably aware, our Spring concert was cancelled as is this year’s Christmas concert. No decision has been made regarding our 2021 Spring concert and we remain OVERLY OPTIMISTIC that we can proceed in 2021. The choir and crew eagerly await the time when we can get together once more to sing under the direction of our very enthusiastic and creative director, Karine Ringenberg and our talented accompanist, Yuki Stocovaz; and to be able to share our music with our very supportive audiences. Until that time comes, The Grey Bruce Singers encourage everyone to stay positive and to follow COVID-19 protocols. Wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance. Our main focus continues to be the safety of our choir, crew and patrons whose support we greatly appreciate.
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STAY SAFE!!!!!!!

A B O U T   U S

The Grey Bruce Singers is a large community choir with deep roots in the Hanover area for over 70 years.  It is our mission to share the joy of music and to develop the appreciation of choral music in both the listening audience and the peformer.  Through regular rehearsals, concerts and tours, GBS has established a fine reputation and is widely known for diverse styles, warm sounds and rich texture.


The members of the Grey Bruce Singers are provided quality vocal instruction and an opportunity to learn high standard team participation in 10 polished musical productions per year.  


The Grey Bruce Singers rehearse every Tuesday from September to April at the Hanover Civic Theatre with 5 performances every Christmas and 5 performances in the spring.  Their repertoire includes a wide selection of secular and sacred music with opportunities for individuals and small groups to showcase their talents.  On several occasions, the choir has also participated in other public venues and more intimate settings.  Besides many local invitations, GBS has travelled to Canada's capital city of Ottawa many times to perform in such venues as the Millenium Unisong concert, the Rotunda in the Parliament Buildings, the National Arts Centre, the National Art Gallery, several churches and in 2002 they sang on Parliament Hill on the main stage for the televised Canada Day show.


A highlight of the career of GBS was a tour of Scotland and England which enabled the choir to sing in many churches and cathedrals, including the awe-inspiring Canterbury Cathedral during their participation in the Maidstone Festival in All Saints Church.  More recently, the choir has participated in festivals in Niagara Falls and also in Vermont where they sang in the Von Trapp Family home.  Another highlight was the December 2013 performance at Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center in New York City.  GBS was part of a 300+ voice choir accompanied by a full symphony orchestra and humbly received two 5 minute standing ovations during the presentation of Handel's Messiah.


Thanks to the commitment and vision of our leaders, the Grey Bruce Singers maintain an excellent standard of performance. 

M E E T   O U R   D I R E C T O R

Karine Ringenberg is a mother, wife, and musician.  She has been an accompanist for over 30 years as well as a church pianist, choir director and worship leader.  She studied in Chicago where she recieved a BA in Music Education and got to tour China with the Symphonic Band. She has been the accompanist for the Singer Tree in Walkerton since 2010. She has been teaching private voice and piano lessons in Hanover since 2009 in her home and at local schools such as Dawnview, JDSS (where her three beautiful children attend), and now Sacred Heart as well.  She enjoyed her involvement in BurgerTown, Bye Bye Birdie, and most recently Wizard of Oz as Music Director with the HCP.  One of her great joys was being a part of and leading a ladies a cappella group of 8 ladies called the Accabellas who received top marks in the Walkerton Rotary Music Festival among other accomplishments. Her students have earned scholarships in the same festival regularly and are often asked to perform in the highlights concert. She loves shaping voices of all ages and encouraging her students to grow in their talents and performance skills.  She is a great supporter and asset to the musical community by encouraging her students to take part in things like HCP theater and the Sights and Sounds Kidz Talent Contest and has had many top 3 winners over the years. She is an encourager and takes great pride in the successes of those she coaches and mentors. She is thrilled to be taking over the GBS from such a wonderful past director and continuing to grow this amazing choir. 

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M E E T   O U R   A C C O M P A N I S T

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Yuki started to learn the piano at age 4.  She attended the Hiroshima Women's Cultural College in the piano program.  Upon graduation, Yuki was invited to take a special advanced course for one year.  She graduated first in the class.

Yuki moved to Hanover in 2004 and in 2007 became the pianist at Grace United Church, Hanover.  Yuki also began offering piano lessons to many students in the Hanover/Durham and Walkerton/Chesley areas as well as performing at wedding ceremonies and other events.  In 2011, after the terrible tsunami disaster at Fukushima, Japan, Yuki organized a relief concert.

Recently, Yuki has been performing as the accompanist for the Saugeen Bach Choir.